PrimaCover Dirt-Keeper

Sticky mat (big and small)

PrimaCover Dirt-Keeper is a refillable sticky mat available in two different sizes. It consists of a set of numbered adhesive layers. Optionally, it can be applied in combination with the plastic frame for more durability.

PrimaCover Dirt-Keeper detains more than 90% of all carried-in dirt, preventing dust and grit from spraiding. Every time the upper layer is saturated, it can easily be removed. This makes the PrimaCover Dirt-Keeper ideal for home improvements and renovations during construction phase, completion as well as interior design.

The PrimaCover Dirt-Keeper can be purchased in two different sizes. Refill sets that are easy to install onto the reusable frame are available for every size.


  • Made up out of multiple layers of self adhesive plastic film
  • Clever numbering makes refreshing the upper layer easy and efficient
  • Usable with or without a durable plastic frame
  • You can apply your company logo to the frame


  • For all completely dry surfaces
  • Ideal for renovation projects

90036277 cm62 cm30 (1x30)1
90036376 cm61 cm60 (2x30)0
900364116 cm75 cm30 (1x30)1
900365115 cm74 cm60 (2x30)0