PrimaCover Cutter

PrimaCover Cutter film and nonwoven material knife

Ideal for cutting film and non-woven materials.

PrimaCover Cutter is perfect for precise and efficient cutting of various materials such as film and nonwovens. Thanks to the comfortable grip, it lies comfortable in the hand, ensuring effortless and precise cutting. Moreover, the blade is easy to replace, and replacement blades are available separately.


  • Angled blade designed to cut effortlessly through foil and fleece
  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Comfortable handle for effortless and precise cutting
  • Spare blade not included (replacement blades available separately)


  • For cutting film and nonwoven material.


  • PrimaCover Cutter is sharp. Replace the cutting blade regularly to ensure optimal cutting performance.


Itemcode Length Width Unit
900280 0.15 m 0.01 m Piece