The secret of Carpet film

Have you ever tried to protect a carpet with a standard cover film or cardboard? Then you know that at some point your carpet protection will start to ‘run away’ and no longer provide adequate protection. Dirt, paint and moisture then get the chance to damage the carpet. PrimaCover Carpet is different. One of the secrets is the special adhesive layer. Its goal: safety during application, working and removal.


In order to understand why not every protective film adheres to carpet, first a little explanation. Carpet is made by covering a carrier with bundles of yarn, called piles. Regardless of whether the carpet is short pile or long pile, the tips of the piles stand out above the backing like tiny resilient arms, all pointing in the same direction. The moment these are subjected to pressure – for example by placing cardboard or plastic on top – they tend to spring back and move the object a little further away.

Special adhesive layer

Now the secret of PrimaCover Carpet. It’s not just about the fact that this self-adhesive anti-slip carpet film provides adequate protection for the surface. At least as important is the special adhesive layer, on which a lot of research has been done. Under a microscope you would discover that this polymer is relatively thick. Moreover, the initial adhesive strength is relatively high. This makes PrimaCover Carpet powerful enough to stick well to the carpet poles, without the glue penetrating the fibres. This is why PrimaCover Carpet can easily be removed after work without leaving any glue residues.

Pressure proof

What happens if PrimaCover Carpet is subjected to pressure from work shoes and other objects? Whereas every other covering material shifts as soon as it is put under pressure, PrimaCover Carpet will adhere even better to the carpet poles at those pressure points. If the film is left in place a little longer, even without being pressed down, the adhesion will optimise. The film will therefore not run off during work.

Floors and stairs

PrimaCover Carpet is self-adhesive, has an anti-slip effect even in slightly damp conditions and can be safely applied to carpeted floors and stairs. Naturally, this carpet film is resistant to dirt, paint and moisture. 

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