Double protection for hard floors with PrimaCover Hardfloorsaver

Self-adhesive protective film with non woven polyester top layer

In order to protect floors and stairs during construction, painting and project design PrimaCover has developed a new self-adhesive covering material: PrimaCover Hardfloorsaver. This is a combination of a liquid-proof film with a protective slip-resistant top layer of non woven polyester. Suitable for thoroughly dried hard surfaces,and tested according to the strict German BGBau standards.

PrimaCover Hardfloorsaver offers double protection

PrimaCover Hardfloorsaver offers double protection. The self-adhesive film underlayer prevents water and paint from penetrating the surface. Thanks to the impact absorbing top layer of non woven polyester, stairs and floors are also protected against mechanical damage. These can be caused for example by stairs, scaffolding and falling tools.

Adhesion on dried hard surfaces

The adhesion is excellent on thoroughly dried hard surfaces, such as tiles, cast floors, concrete and wood. PrimaCover Hardfloorsaver can be repositioned during application and is therefore easy to work with. With an overlap of 10cm, several strips will form an uninterrupted, liquid-proof protective layer. Ideal for large and small jobs during project design, building, finishing, renovation and painting.


PrimaCover Hardfloorsaver has been certified in Germany according to the strict standards of BGBau. This professional association is supervised by the German government and aims to promote safety on the building site. For construction and demolition professionals in the rest of Europe, this is the proof that this covering material demonstrably meets the strictest safety and quality requirements. This offers extra security on the work floor.

The most important properties

  • Combination of waterproof protection with a protective absorbent non woven top layer
  • Suitable for hard, thoroughly dried surfaces
  • Protects against water, liquids, paint and against mechanical damage
  • Self-adhesive
  • For floors and stairs
  • Easy to work with
  • Certified BG Bau

More information

Would you like more information about this product? Feel free to ask the Primaverde consultant team for more information about this product. Please contact Primaverde BV.