PrimaCover Dirt-Keeper

PrimaCover Dirt-Keeper is a refillable sticky mat in two different sizes. A Dirt-Keeper consists of a set of numbered adhesive layers. Extra durable in combination with the plastic frame (optional).

Refill sets are available for each size and can be easily applied to the reusable frame.


  • Constructed of layers of self-adhesive plastic film.
  • Clever numbering makes refreshing the top layer easy and efficient.
  • Can be used with or without a wear-resistant plastic frame.
  • The frame can be provided with a company logo.


  • For completely dry hard surfaces.
  • Ideal for renovation projects.


  • Test the suitability of the product in advance.


Itemcode Length Width Unit Incl. frame Nr. of sticky mats
900362 0.61 0.76 Piece 1 30
900363 0.61 0.76 Piece 0 60
900364 0.75 1.15 Piece 1 30
900365 0.75 1.15 Piece 0 60



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