PrimaCover Zipper

Quickly make a passageway in any dust wall and sheeting. High quality, therefore suitable for long-term use. For a normal passage, 1 zipper is enough. For an extra wide passage, place 2 zippers at some distance from each other. Stick on – cut open – finished!


  • Excellent adhesion, extra wide self-adhesive zones
  • High quality, smoothly sliding zipper
  • 7,6cm x 213cm


  • For creating zip doors in a sheeting or dust wall


  • Lay the sheeting or dust wall on a flat surface, place the zipper on the desired spot and press firmly. Cut through the sheeting or dust wall through the opened zipper. Parallel 2 zippers for a wide entrance.


Itemcode Length Width Unit
900004 2.13 m 0.106 m Piece